Tesla segmenting

Mr. Musk’s patent surrender really has got me thinking hard about Teslas and marketing segmentation. I can’t think of another auto brand that says so much about a person than Tesla. Well, an auto brand that has a product for sale under $100,000. I think we can all imagine the type who drives a $250,000 Lamborghini and you probably don’t want to sit next to him on a long flight even if it is first class. But a Tesla? Tells me right off the bat you’ve got a lot of disposable income, you’re probably highly educated, interested in technology and environmentally sensitive. 

If I had a business in the Hamptons or Greenwich or any play ground of the 1% the first thing I would do would do is to go out and buy a Tesla Super Charger and market the beejeezus out of it. If you don’t know, Tesla is setting up a network of super charger stations that will recharge the Tesla’s batteries in under an hour, thus eliminating the “range fear” of running out of batteries before you can recharge your car.

What would I stock for these people? Solar cell phone chargers. Maybe some high end gluten free snacks. $10 organic artisanal scones. I’m not sure, but as I watch that Wall Street bond trader who wants the world to know he’s successful but not too full of himself exit that amazing car I will most certainly keep track of what he’s buying. ABT: always be testing.

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