Showrooming stats

I just wanted to share some mind blowing stats from the Get Elastic post on showrooming.

71% of US mobile users own smartphones, and 81% of them use their devices in-store.

92% of consumers who showroom have used Amazon to compare prices, compared to 84% who’ve used Google, and 77% that use price comparison sites.

50% of male and 42% of female consumers who showroom are members of Amazon Prime.

67% of showroomers will buy from a physical store over Amazon when the store matches Amazon’s price with a rebate.

73% of consumers expect a retailer’s online pricing to be the same in-store, and 61% expect online promotions to be the same in-store — yet only 16% of top global retailers have price parity, and 73% offer the same promotions.

Amazon changes prices every 10 minutes on average.

41% of customers who showroom end up buying elsewhere.

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