I make it rain for my clients. Not all the time, but most of the time. Here’s a few¬†examples of what I can do for my clients and employers.

August 2015: wrangled the weekly email production process into something resembling order, analyzed past successes, applied those learnings and doubled the CTR of said email in 4 months.

January 2015: 20% lift in engagement with the global navigation for a B2B site.

January 2015: 29% lift in lead form submits for a major insurance company.

December 2014: 12% lift in emails gathered for a Black Friday promotion using copy optimization.

December 2014: 85% lift in add to cart clicks for an ecommerce client by optimizing their landing page.

Q3 2014: Global electronics manufacturer: made an additional $500,000 in Q3 of 2014 for their buy direct e-commerce site optimizing the shopping cart and product pages.

November 2014: International airline: increased registrations for their hotel loyalty program by 17% with copy treatments.

October 2014: For an electronics retailer I increased protection plan purchases (their highest margin product) by 17% due to a product page redesign.

October 2014: Global insurance company: increased life insurance sales lead form submissions by 16% with background image and copy changes.

October 2014: Global electronics manufacturer: a simple copy change to the global nav increased clicks by an amazing 55%.

July 2014: Electronics retailer: redesigned the product comparison engine experience which lead to 72% increase in products compared and a 24% increase in add to carts.